Thursday, February 2, 2017

Well hello there! My it's been a long long time.

As is my tradition, I took a blogging hiatus over the holiday season. I never take a break from sewing  though, so I will begin a partial review of some of my favorite projects from the past few months.

On Halloween, Knitpop had a trick or treat sale in which they added an extra yard of fabric to your purchase if you spent over $50 (a mystery treat!). I was happy to oblige them and met that quota, and in return they sent me this gorgeous red rose fabric. Then, to make things even more exciting, they announced a December sewing contest with big time prizes in which everyone had to use this lovely fabric (Edith is the name of the print) to sew something for themself and also for someone that they love and post a picture of them side by side in the knitpop facebook group. 

I have been seriously working on my ninja fabric cutting skills. 
Along with some olive french terry (also from knitpop) and some pretty black lace that I picked up I believe at JoAnn's a while ago, I was able to make three garments from that one yard!
It's just too hard for me to choose one person to join me in a situation like this, I love to sew for both of these beauties so much.

        On the left we have Fern in a Margot top by Violette Field Threads. I shortened the bodice by a few inches and added the lace over some of the olive in lieu of the ruffle.  I finished the neckline with a facing from the olive and finished the sleeves with regular cuffs (as opposed to the fancy ones in the pattern).

    On the right, we have Althea in a Me Hearties dress / tunic from Patterns for Pirates (aka P4P). I used the olive for the top of the bodice, obviously, and also for more than half the skirt. Basically I used as much of the rose as I could and filled in the rest of the skirt with the olive. It worked out great, though, I think hers is my favorite. The french terry is really heavy and has a great drape; it is perfect for winter time and also twirls fantastically.
    I am in the center with my Maria Denmark Day / Night drape top. This makes the third one I have made of those now. It is such a fun pattern. I knew I was going to have to make myself a top, not a dress if I was going to squeeze three things from the one yard, and I thought for a little while about how I could make something that would still be unique and stand out in the contest. I came up with the idea of adding the lace panel to the front of the shirt. Man, that took a lot of trial and error, basting and seam ripping, cutting and then recutting that panel. But it was a labor of love and in the end, I am really thrilled with the way it came out. Exactly what I was going for! Although it does sometimes ride up (the lace is sewn into the armscye and goes down below my bust, so I can kind of tuck it into my bra). I wanted to avoid creating a seam across the front of the shirt, but I may tack it down in a few places at least. I finished my shirt with olive bands on the arm holes, which I was a little unsure about, but I really didn't even have enough Edith left for that, so there you have it. I think it works.
It was pretty cold that afternoon when we went out for a photoshoot in the driveway. The girls were troopers. At least they had sleeves! And I am always warm when I am excited - and I was pretty excited to be triplet-ing with these ladies in this beautiful fabric.
     Dave does a great job running around as our photographer; he acts really silly and makes it fun and gets us laughing. Love that guy. 
    And I love these two hams....they are getting so grown up, <sigh>.
                            Thanks for stopping by!

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