Friday, February 3, 2017

The drape top

I mentioned when I posted the Edith fun that I have now made three of the Day to Night drape tops by Maria Denmark. It's true. 
Here's the first one I ever did. 
I used an applique that was included with an auction box I bought from Knitpop at the end of the summer. She added them all as fun bonuses after we scored our boxes in that auction, it was surprise when it came in the mail. I'm tellin ya, Knitpop is the best. 
So, there it is, on the back of the shirt. The rest of the shirt is made from this super soft, rather see through sweater knit that came in the knitpop scrap box I got earlier this summer. Score. 
I graded out at the waist as usual, but otherwise followed the pattern. 
Love it. 

The other one of these tops that I have made went to my mom for Christmas. I will have to try to get some photos to post!

Thanks for stopping by!

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