Friday, October 28, 2016

Adult romper?!?

I have had no lack of sewing inspiration lately. Ideas have been coming to me from all over and the more I sew, the more competent I feel and the faster I can put things together, the more fun it all is. 
At one point this past summer, I had been away on vacation for a couple weeks, and came home super ready to bust out some projects. One thing that I couldn't stop thinking about was a romper.....for me. I love the look of them and the comfort factor, but hadn't actually gone there until this project. It's one of those styles that you know you will look back on and laugh, and also makes me question if I am trying to pull off a look that may be a little younger than I am.
But hey, I'm not getting any younger, right? So I might as well go for it now. 
I did some severe pattern hacking for this, so was pretty unsure if my vision was going to play out. 
I have waistline issues, so I didn't want to give it a waist. It seems like no matter where I place it (empire / natural waist / low slung) it still makes me look pregnant. So I used the P4P pumpkin spice dolman and added self drafted harem pants to it which were based off the bottom half of the Alley Cat Romper by Lil Luxe Collection. I sewed it up so fast I forgot to add pockets. 
Which was too bad. 
But it was a very quick sew, and a lot of fun. 

These pictures were taken by Fern when I first made it; before I even added a neckband. 
I wasn't sure what I thought when I first made it. I finished it right before bed and then slept in it because it was so comfortable. Then I showed my husband first thing in the morning and he just crumbled into hysterics laughing at it. My kids loved it though. And I kind of thought I did too. 
As time has gone on, I have gotten even more comfortable with it and have worn it around town a few times. It's truly one of the most comfortable things I own, although I do have to strip to use the bathroom (I generally wear a tank top underneath so that I don't feel too exposed / chilly.)
I think this fabric was absolutely perfect for it. It is rayon spandex from knitpop (of course) that I got in an auction box. This was probably my least favorite fabric in the box when I bid, but the 80's feel of it is spot on for this. 
So of course I had to break it out for #memadeknitpop week.

 I think the thing that tickles Dave the most about it, is the flying squirrel aspect. (Along with the fact that he is so clueless about fashion / trends he had no idea women have been wearing one piece outfits along these lines for the past five years at least). Althea loves the flying squirrel look as well. She is always grabbing the front of her coat, ripping open the snaps and throwing out her arms to reveal her "wingsuit" and zooming around everywhere she goes. 
So I will leave you with one final visual treat so that you can get the full picture of all the things this garment can bring to the table....

My dog's even wondering what the hell is going on!
Oh boy. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Dude. You are unstoppable. Freaking awesome, awesome creations here.