Friday, February 17, 2017

Solstice Wrap by Striped Swallow Designs

At Christmastime, when I made myself and the girls our lovely red rose tops, I also made the girls matching Solstice Wraps in an olive green crushed velvet from Knitpop. The Solstice Wrap is from Striped Swallow Designs, a lovely pattern company I have admired for awhile. (They also put out the Coachella Shorts pattern which I will definitely be sewing up for myself and the kids this spring / summer). 
I am happy that I finally sewed up one of her patterns, these are such fun accessories! The Solstice wrap can be cropped like these are, or also can be made longer to be a full length shirt. I love patterns like this that are kind of like a puzzle to put together. There is real magic to me in carefully layering pieces of fabric together, pinning, stitching carefully and then turning it all right side out to reveal something stunning. 
That being said, the instructions are quite easy to follow. It is so nice to have a pattern to follow that you can just trust without thinking too hard about it (I actually thought I figured out a shortcut that I would use on future versions for hemming the front of the top, but then realized a few steps later that my shortcut would be impossible, and there was a carefully analyzed method to the directions I was following- I am glad I was following them!). 

    If I wasn't about 1000% over my fabric budget for the year I would have gone back for more of that green crushed velvet. It is really luxurious to the touch and I love the deep green color. Those lucky girls!

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