Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Upcycle First Day Dress

   We are super lucky to have in our family a set of twin girls who are two and a half years older than my oldest. They also have an older sister, and multiple female cousins on another side of their family. So we get ridiculous amounts of clothes handed down the line to us. Which is awesome. We have a lot of the basics covered and just have to supplement their wardrobes with occasional items (that I sew for the most part). On occasion, there is also an adult item included in the bag of goodies that gets passed along to us. It is very kind of my aunt to think that I can fit into her clothes, but generally that's not the case. She has great taste though, and there was one really fun tank top that Fern loved. So I turned it into a dress for her! Refashions of that nature are so quick and satisfying. She adores the dress and wore it on the first day of school (among hundreds of other occasions).

 As close as she dared to get to the swan

First day of school! With Daddy and Althea (and some grapes from the yard!)