Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Leotards in Red, Dancing for Me
     The girls have both been taking gymnastics at the Y. Fern just finished her second year of classes and Althea just finished her first. They seem to really enjoy it and I love watching them. Little kids in leotards playing follow the leader and jumping on the trampoline is up there as one of the cutest things ever for me. At the end of the year they had a recital for all of the gymnastics and dance students. It was basically an hour long class (which is usually half an hour long) with family invited to watch. The kids in their group were supposed to wear red. It didn't have to be a leotard, just something comfortable that they can move around in. But how could I resist making them some red leotards? Especially when Fern can't get enough of anything red lately. It is such a nice change from the pink that has dominated their wardrobes for so long.
     I made the same size for both of them. I modeled it after a leotard that they already have, combined with a pair of boy short style undies of Fern's. I hate high leg openings that show off diapers / undies when they wear them without stretch pants. The fabric is a shiny, stretchy lycra for dance costuming which I got at JoAnn's; it was a bit pricy but of course I had a coupon and I really didn't need very much at all. Certainly less than a yard total for both, although I bought one and a half yards to be safe; oh the possibilities for the leftovers of this fun fabric!
     The neck and sleeve hems are finished by folding them over twice to conceal the edge of the fabric and stitching in place with a double needle to look neat and preserve the stretch factor. I didn't end up finishing the leg holes; the fabric doesn't unravel so it is ok that way. I didn't want to lose any of the length there; I was considering going over them with bias tape but they fit so well right now, I don't want to mess that up!
     Here is Althea on her horse practicing to join the circus:

And here are both sisters (Fern of course has added a skirt to complete the outfit)

Fern on the beam during the recital - she is such a ham! She spent the whole show making sure someone was watching her. I do love how the low leg holes keep everything covered here. 

And here is one of my favorite pictures! Both girls together on the podium that they climbed up to receive their ribbons, with their awesome teacher in the background looking just as excited and happy for them as we did.