Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall wardrobe sampler: #memadeknitpop Monday

    When your favorite fabric store hosts a #memadeknitpop week, you might as well try to blog along, right? I can always use a little inspiration to get blogging. Sara Jaggers Knook has all the knitpop ladies wearing an item of clothing they made using her wonderful fabrics every day this week and documenting it / sharing with each other. And there may be some prizes involved. Check out the knitpop facebook group to join the fun.

So here I am on Monday.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to make with this gorgeous yellow floral DTY when I bid on it. I was thinking a fishtail skirt a la the lovely Delia's tutorial, but ended up going with palazzo pants by P4P instead. I think it was a good choice, because these pants have been getting way more wear than a dramatic skirt would. (Of course, I am now on the lookout for the perfect fabric to make one of those skirts; I think DTY is probably it).

I'm pretty psyched about these pants. I realized when I was cutting them out, that the scrap fabric created by cutting around the crotch part of the pant piece was the perfect size and shape to create side seam pockets. Score! I just had to cut a rounded notch out of the top corner of the front pieces, fold down that edge and top stitch it to finish the pocket opening; then I top stitched the pocket piece to the pants, right side of pocket facing wrong side of pants. Since there is a side seam and waistband in the pattern already, you just proceed as usual at that point. The last alteration I made to the pattern, however, was to use the measurements for the Pegleg yoga waistband instead of the palazzo waist. I prefer the tighter waist so that I don't lose my drawers; especially if I am going to be toting around the weight of items in pockets.
This is a view of the pants from the inside. You can see the shape of the pockets here. I didn't alter the crotch scrap at all to make the pockets. 

I love how knit fabric doesn't fray; I didn't worry about finishing the edge of the pocket or folding it under or anything; so it is not very bulky at all and I can't even feel that seem against my leg when I wear them. 

Here's a close up of my pocket from the outside. You can see where I top stitched the pocket opening with my double needle and also where I top stitched the side seam of the pants (on the right) with my double needle as well. 

 And here is the whole top view of the pants. If you look carefully enough you can see the double needle stitching that attaches the pocket to the pants. On the right, the pocket goes around both of the large yellow roses and the stitching goes down through the green leaves. These are ample pockets that hold all the essentials; phone, keys and even wallet.

 And voila! The perfect pair of new pants for fall. (My favorite time of year!)
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  1. Dear your price. I will pay. For. These. Amaaaaaaazing pants. I will send you measurements. Seriously, if ever start sewing for hire.....these pants are da'bomb.