Thursday, October 27, 2016

Harem Pants

   It is Thursday (technically Friday by the time I am writing this), and I am still enjoying playing along with #memadeknitpop. My Tuesday and Wednesday didn't make it onto the blog, because this is a busy week (per usual) and I just wore shirts that have appeared here before on those days.
   Today I was head to toe me made and (mostly) knitpop. Clothes just plain don't get any more comfortable than this. It is glorious being wrapped in yards of this soft stuff. This hoodie has shown up here before; it's reversible and the blue sky tie dye is knitpop. On the flip side, the tie dye is the sleeves and hood and the floral is the body.
Under the hoodie is a flowy tank that I made from that tie dye. This shirt was pretty much my main uniform of summer. Every time it was clean(ish), I wore it. A free spirit tank from Patterns for Pirates; Fern chose the side dipped hem feature. This was a Cape Cod sew. 
And under the top is a pair of harem pants, and I am pretty obsessed. Totally digging the look of wearing them with booties, too. I drafted this pattern based the shape of the lower portion of the Alleycat romper from the Lil Luxe Collection that I have made for my kids. 
I also made a pair for each of my kids; one exactly like this pair, and one the opposite (the wavy tie dye that is on the waist and cuffs of these is the body of that pair, and the navy is the waist and cuffs). Fern likes them and wears them; Althea has decided that she doesn't wear baggy pants, only leggings and certain jeans. You can't win them all. 
I learned a few lessons from the first pair though, and now know that I need to make sure the waist band is tighter or else they start drooping. I also thought the lower leg could be a little bit wider and the cuff should be more snug as well. 
So I applied these bits of knowledge and made a second pair out of two gorgeous pieces of knitpop brushed poly. These were a gift for my sister-in-law's birthday. 
(I swear I only wore them for pictures Lauren! :)
Now I want to make all the harem pants. I almost think they could rival pegs for the spot they could fill in my wardrobe. Just as comfortable; pocket potential; can wear them without a tunic. And I just dig this type of style. 
I'm kind of even thinking about making some for sale. 
What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!

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