Monday, February 1, 2016

Tribal print dress

    Out of that knit fix bag I was mentioning, there was a black and white tribal print that I was drawn to right away. It is also very soft, but not see through. I still had some of that black stretch denim lying around, so it seemed like a match made in heaven. I made Fern a short sleeved dolman style dress out of it, with the denim on the shoulders. It came out very cute.
     I also decided that the pants I was making for myself were not going to happen, and turned them into pants for her! It was such a relief to just stop looking at them and worrying about dealing with mistakes I had made and to allow myself to start fresh on a new project, while at the same time
using some of the work I had done instead of throwing it away. I had made back patch pockets for my pants, which were a little smaller than I had intended them to be, and they were perfect for (almost) 6 year old sized pants. I made them a stretch pants style pant for her, and included a lace tuxedo stripe made from a roll of stretchy lace trim I had picked up somewhere along the lines. I love this little outfit.
Such a huge fan of that double needle

She wore it to school with bloomers instead of the pants when the weather was still warm

     For Christmas, both girls received American Girl dolls from their very generous grandmother. I have explained to them that I will not be purchasing them any of the items in the catalog / store for their dolls, (except possibly the violin; I suppose I have my own weak spots) but that I certainly will sew them some matching clothes. Fern is very keen on matching her doll. So a doll sized version of this is up near the top of my list right now. 

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  1. Another fun outfit! Good job with the pants, it is so nice to finally finish or repurpose partially finished projects. I still have an unfinished Christmas dress in my craft closet...from two years ago.