Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sister Alley Cats

This is the final week of Project Run and Play, and it has been so much fun to have the typical format back and to see what everyone has done for each week, both contestants and sew alongs. 
I actually took my inspiration for sewing this week directly from a link up from week one. When I saw Turtle Birdies' Mouse Alley Cat I knew that I had to have that pattern (the Alley Cat Romper from the Lil Luxe Collection). I had seen the pattern before and liked it, but once I saw this version, I just had to sew it up. 
Perhaps taking direct inspiration from someone else doesn't sound like I am finding my own signature style (which is the theme for this week). It works in my mind though, because this is how I sew. Inspiration comes  at me from various places, and once it does I don't feel completely satisfied until I have made it a reality. 

Two alleycats, sewn entirely this week. It's a reality!

This also fits my signature style in my mind because of the eclectic sources of materials used. The brown top with the gold was an old tshirt of mine. The purple fabric was gifted to me by a de-stashing friend. The red was leftover from making the girls leotards a couple years ago. (I love buying a little bit too much every time I shop for a project and building a cache of leftovers). The blue / black / white tribal and the brown with blue flowers are both from a knit fix I bought from Girl Charlee in August which I have been ever so gradually working my way through. I have to admit that I love having a large collection of fabric. (Don't tell my husband! I keep saying that I am going to try and rein it in). Most of it is potential upcycles, but splurging on some yardage here and there is my favorite way ever to pamper myself. 

These rompers are a great way to use up a variety of materials. It is fun to mix and match colors and prints and to add other accents if you are running low on something. And they look way cuter on children than on the floor:

         Althea has been wanting to wear nothing but jammies lately. This satisified that itch for her quite well! Daytime jammies, I told her. She bought it. Once she tried them on, she didn't take them off until bedtime. Even caught a little snooze on the dog bed by the fire with it on!

       I love when they love it! And when they look so stinking cute in something that Mama made them.

    I stayed true to the pattern aside from adding on seam side pockets and changing the sleeve length. I am definitely going to make a couple more and try out the sleeveless version.

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  1. Those look great... I love sewing things they want to! :)

    1. Thanks Krist! It was very satisfying. I love finding a fun pattern that the kids and I both appreciate!