Monday, February 1, 2016

Burnout flower dress

    Well, nothing like a little PR&P to get a girl back on her blog! Poor little neglected blog. Oh well, here I am, so let's see, where to begin. I do still sew, I just don't post. I bought a knit fix from Girl Charlee at the end of the summer as some back to school sewing inspiration. It was fun, but it's not within my budget to buy a mixed random bag of fabric every month. I still haven't used the majority of it, but hopefully soon. I did end up with some fabrics that I liked and wouldn't have chosen myself, so that made getting a random bag exciting. I also ended up with some that I am not wild about though; I want to love everything in my cart when I checkout from a fabric shopping experience. There is a facebook group where folks trade and buy / sell items from their knit fix bags, so perhaps I should just hop on and make some trades.

    One of the fabrics that I never would have picked out myself was this pink and brown burnout with brown polka dots. I have to admit I really did not like it at all when I first pulled it out of the bag. It is super soft though, and Althea came over and was totally drawn to it. She had no doubts that was the one she wanted me to make her a dress out of. She actually wanted a nightie, I believe (this girl spends as much time in her pajamas as possible - runs upstairs and changes into jammies the second she gets home lately), but we compromised on a dress for school. I drafted her a sweet little tank dress with cap sleeves and a layered skirt. The burnout is super see through, so I knew the skirt would have to be layered. The whole dress is actually lined with the burnout, and the lining makes the lower layer.
    I believe that at the time I was making it, project run and play was on a month dealing with hand sewing. So that inspired me to add a flower applique and to hand sew around the edge of it, and to add a few little swirls. I never hand sew, so even this little bit was kind of a big deal for me. It was a hit; the dress is now her flower dress.

 The top of the dress is a brown knit of some sorts; an old Tshirt probably. And I like how it came out. The fabric has grown on me. It is hard to argue with the softness of it all. It is so light weight that the edge rolls up a bit since I left it unhemmed, but I think I like it that way.


     She was very happy with it, and wore it on a constant rotation this fall, so it's a win!

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  1. What a fun outfit! It looks both pretty and comfortable. :)