Thursday, July 7, 2016

Rash Guards

The swim fabric fun continues! 

        I actually have a confession to make before I talk about these shirts. I went on vacation with my family from the end of June through the beginning of July....and I brought two sewing machines with me. That's normal, right? We were there from the beginning of one weekend through the end of the next, and during the weekday stretch in the middle my husband and father came home and went to work and I stayed with my mom and kids. I knew during that stretch things would be quieter and I would have some free I thought I would bring my sewing machine and a project to work on. But when I thought about the things I wanted to make, I felt like I needed to have my serger as well. So I went for it. It was a very productive week - the first night we got there, I finished the dress I was making for myself for a fancy dinner my mom was planning (which allowed me to stop sewing and start packing much earlier in the day than I would have otherwise while we were trying to get on the road). I made myself 3 other items which I will share later on, and I made rashguards for the girls to sport on the beach! I also mended my brother's beach blanket. It may have set a dangerous precedent. 
      So back to the swim shirts. This is more of the fabric from my big Spandex House purchase this spring. I used that favorite Ottobre magazine once again and cut and sewed these up completely while the kids were sleeping at night. It is wonderful to trust how they size for these patterns, and to be able to just cut and sew without measuring them. When I finished, I thought they looked a little bit big, but when they put them on the fit was perfect. 

I cut the sleeves and bodice of this one out completely on the selvage which worked great; they both had that white edge to them. So her sleeves are a little longer. 
The sleeves and bodice of this one are hemmed with a double needle. That is one reason her sleeves are shorter. Also: This was just about the last bit of that rose fabric and also her arms are longer. The 3/4 length works well for this though.

      I made two of the same size and let them pick which shirt they liked in the morning. I love the way the fabrics coordinate with their bathing suits colorwise without matching completely. And I love how we are a well matched threesome on the beach!
See the book in the corner? Can you tell what it is?? We finally read the Rats of NIMH! I had been wanting to read that book with them forever but we have been working on a few long series' that are hard to step away from. 
We finished one of our Narnia books while on vacation, and didn't bring the next one. Then I found this at a bookstore we stopped at.....serendipity. 

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