Monday, June 20, 2016

Sewing for Summer

       I have been really stretching myself in my sewing lately. Free motion quilting, serging up a storm,  and now.....bathing suits! I picked up the Bombshell sewing pattern by Closet Case Files along with several other patterns when I purchased a Perfect Pattern Parcel a couple years ago. It looks like the pattern parcel's are not being offered anymore, but it was a fun site that would sell bundles of patterns at discount prices while promoting indie pattern designers. They would also show lots of examples of these patterns being sewn for inspiration. The Bombshell was the pattern that I really wanted when I scored this parcel, but I think I knew it wasn't going to happen right away. I am so happy I finally tackled this!

      The pattern is awesome. Very easy to follow, and full of good tips for sewing bathing suits. This is the first bathing suit I have ever sewed, and it came out great.  Following along with the tutorial as well as all of her sewalong posts on her blog was a full sewing lesson. She even answered questions I posted to her blog within a day of my asking, even though my questions were written over a year after her original post. I have sewn suits for each of the girls since finishing this, and applied tips from this pattern to each of those projects.
  It is also super flattering. I really feel great when I put this bathing suit on. It helps that I chose this gorgeous red / orange rose on black print fabric from Spandex House to use for it. I also feel covered up enough while feeling sexy at the same time. I like the lower cut legs and the faux skirt front that provides a little more coverage in front without all the extra fabric of a full skirt hovering around you when you are in the water. I chose the maillot top option, and am happy about the cleavage coverage. I spend a lot of time in a bathing suit running after kids, playing with them and holding them in the water and I like to know my suit is going to stay in place.
Dave took these pictures for me, and he was running around yelling ridiculous things pretending to be a cheesy professional photographer. He had me laughing the whole time. He also took some borderline obscene pictures of me in the garden encouraging the cucs to climb. I guess that's what I get when I hand him the camera then mill about in a bathing suit. Love that guy. And my new suit!! Just in time for summer. 

Happy Solstice and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Jenn--you are a damn goddess. And if you ever start selling--I most definitely will place an order for a bombshell suit. Freaking amazing, you are!!!

  2. Amy! Thank you. You are so kind.