Friday, August 1, 2014

Grecian Princess Solstice dress
I meant to make this dress for Fern to wear on Easter. With all the commotion of the coats, it didn't get done. That was ok. I tend to get very ambitious when I am in the fabric store. It is nice to have projects lined up though, even they don't quite get finished by whatever deadline I had in mind. This did get finished soon afterwards. 

It is a sheer georgette type of material in a pink and white print, lined with a cream colored satiny fabric; probably the anti-static JoAnn's lining. It is a simple rectangle with elastic encased in the top. The sleeves are a ~2" wide strips that contain wide elastic and have little cap sleeves added to the sides. I meant for the dress to be a little wider than it is, but it is wide enough for her to walk and run in, so it works. I also intended to do a shirred waistline, but once I got this far she declared it done, put it on and wouldn't take it off. 
So I let it be. 
It seems like it would make a wonderful night gown, but Fern doesn't agree. 
She likes to wear it to watch ball games: go for a walk down a sunny road deep in bear country: dance on stage at a Mr. G concert:
 (This time wearing the dress inside out for a new look she was excited about)
Have you seen Mr. G? Do you have kids? If you said no the first time and yes the second, you should really keep your eye out for a Mr. G show - he is lots of fun!

And finally, she wore this dress when we went "camping" (we did sleep in tents but there was a cabin with a refrigerator nearby) on the summer solstice with some dear friends. I realized at the time that this was actually the purpose this dress was made for. I made all the kids crowns of dried herbs to wear in their hair as we celebrated the longest day of the year by sleeping outside, playing with glowsticks and eating s'mores under a starry sky. 
And she looked like a little grecian princess. 
And she loved it. 
(and so did I, I am tickled to have daughters!)

 Enjoy the rest of the glorious summer we are being blessed with!

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