Wednesday, January 29, 2014

In honor of repurpose week, I am going to share a couple repurpose projects 
that I made over the past year. 
       First up is our original pair of "skirt pants". I love to wear elastic waist, loose, wide-legged, swingy knit pants. I have a few pairs and Fern always things they are very fancy (I love when she thinks I am glamorous going about town in my pajamas; Ha!). "Ooooh, I like your skirt pants Mama!"
      So she started asking for some skirt pants. This basically means to her any wide legged pants. I think elastic waist is probably a criteria as well, but I haven't confirmed that with her. So I made this pair from an old maternity shirt. One that I loved, the fabric is super soft, and has some subtle little stripes that are hard to appreciate in the pictures. My husband used to laugh at it though, and said it looked like I was "hanging a curtain on my belly" when I wore it. So it went into the repurpose pile with no qualms at all. Plus, it was so easy to reuse. The whole waist band on these pants (which is elasticized and almost ruffled) was already present on the shirt, sewn on the outside of the shirt just below the bust. The fancy ruffle cuffs were also part of the original shirt, along with the tassels hanging down the side (which sometimes end up tied in a bow).  She loves these pants, so it's a win. They are very lightweight, so this time of year we try to keep them as jammies or inside pants.

    And here is a maxi skirt that I made for her out of the remnants of a tshirt blanket. I love that they are not only repurposed fabrics, but scraps of repurposed fabrics that made this skirt. Another super easy project. Each section is just a large rectangle, each slightly larger than the one above it, so that there is a little bit of gathering.

The top is a piece of purple elastic a la her pink fleece pants.
I guess we have a theme going here with color blocked pink and purple. It does seem to match everything in her wardrobe when I do this! 
She also has on a headband made from the scraps of the scraps. It felt great to not waste anything here. I cut the lavender scraps into strips, tied a strip of the darker purple around them to make a sort of a bow, and attached all of that to a wide band of the pink. The pink is sewed together to fit her head. She is funny with headbands and tends to wear them like Rambo or Jane Fonda instead of on the top of her head. She's got it about halfway between both styles here. 
I have more pics, but my computer isn't cooperating with me very well. I need to let it know, a little more firmly I suppose, that I have started a blog and it needs to behave so that I can share all my photos with some hypothetical new friends. Perhaps it is censoring me after I accidentally posted an obscene photo for about 36 hours. My husband tells me that there is something off with my magnetic field that makes all technology within a certain radius of me fail. It does ring true sometimes. I like that theory better than the one in which I am just a mechanical dunce or somehow cursed by some new fangled god of tech.

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